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Offshorepreneur is a global community of location-neutral entrepreneurs that virtually support each other through our private community pages, exclusive invite-only meetups around the globe, and our annual summit in Grand Cayman. Discover new best practices that maximize ownership enjoyment and income by registering your business below. 

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Look for links to exclusive content and updates on twitter. Each and every month we interview some of the top location-neutral business owners and fellow Offshorepreneurs to discuss the resources, lessons learned, and best practices of building your business as a global citizen and world traveler.


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As we roam the globe building our business we produce 'pop-up' meetups with brand partners around the globe that provide amazing back drops for the gathering of like minds. To get alerted to our next one register below for access and receive the 'secret knock' code.




Each October in Grand Cayman we invite 30-50 of your peers to join us at our annual summit for a day of exclusive content from some of today's leading platforms and technology partners and peers. Celebrate success, mastermind, level up, and learn from each other. Request an invite or to be invited to speak below.

What An Offshorepreneur Is...

  • A location-neutral business owner that can operate their profitable business from anywhere in the world while continuing to grow and provide the lifestyle of their desire across the domains of financial returns, health, and family.
  • A law abiding citizen renegade to the status quo, who refuses to conform to owning a business that requires them to live in one place. In a digital world ripe with cool shit to do, amazing cultures to experience, memorable experiences to fill their spirit, the Offshorepreneur refuses to settle or pay high costs of living and taxes for no reason to fit a traditional mold of success.
  • The perfect dna blend of an astute visionary who knows how to execute but has enough of an adventurous spirit to maximize more in their life than just money.
  •  Someone who hates waste. Someone who understands opportunity cost in life and in business. Someone who is (or aspires to be) a global citizen.

What an Offshorepreneur Is Not...

  • A lawbreaker looking to evade taxes, manipulate grey areas, and play in the fringe with shady jurisdictions, underground elements, or any other unsustainable mechanism where they will ever have to look over their shoulder. 
  • A "wannapreneur" who hides behind exotic posts that rent a lifestyle they actually don't live, pretending to be a business more profitable than they are. 
  • Anyone who says they are making millions in passive income, sitting at a beach all day, not working. (Hint: That's either an heiress or a complete bullshit artist). 

WhaT ARE THE STEPS to join the community?

  1. Join our Email list for any one of the 3 pathways to engage. We will never spam or sell your information to a third party and will begin to communicate with you to further identify your primary interests, needs, and provide personalized resources. 
  2. If you are currently operating an enterprise that is growing by double digits or doing something extremely innovative and you would like to be considered for one of our annual awards please apply. 
  3. If you are currently operating a location-neutral business that is netting a minimum of $150,000 per year in EBITDA and can be run from anywhere in the world and would like to be invited to our annual summit please submit your information. 
  4. Their is presently no cost to join the community other than your interest, name and email and attention. Meetups are free (or nominal cost) and the annual event pricing will be made available to invited parties in the 4th Quarter of 2017.